FS Cataraft Tube Storage Rack, K-Pump

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    After recently selling my 10’ Skookum Steelheader cataraft (shown below), I have a couple of items left over.

    First is a custom made cataraft tube storage rack. Fully assembled, the rack takes up approximately 2' x 8' of floor space, so it is a very efficient way to store your inflatable tubes. And you can store them semi-inflated which is the safest way to store tubes (folding encourages pin leaks to form). Once assembled, the rack rolls around the garage floor easily.


    I designed this rack and built it using 1.25” furniture grade PVC fittings and standard 1.25” PVC pipe found at any big box store or hardware store. The magic is in the PVC fittings...these are made for building PVC furniture, not for plumbing and they are NOT something you’ll find locally. I have disassembled the rack to clear space in my garage, but it can easily be reassembled...since I never glued the rack in the first place. With these fittings, there are lots of option for how you can use them....IOW, they don't have to be used to make a tube rack...you could make anything with them.

    With a hack saw and some more (very inexpensive) tubing, you can make the rack..
    - longer,
    - shorter,
    - taller,
    - shorter,
    - wider,
    - narrower...it's up to you and what your needs are.

    The PVC fittings include (from the top of the picture) 4 ea. 3-way fittings, 2 ea. 5-way fittings, 4 ea. 3-way fittings with locking casters, 2 ea. 4-way fittings with locking casters, 6 ea. 4-way fittings (Total-18 fittings). Again, I never glued the rack together (just the friction fit was enough to hold it together for several years) so everything is like new.


    Price: $100, plus shipping. Or, buy just the fittings for $75 plus shipping (they’d be pretty inexpensive to ship...they fit in a small cardboard box). If you want things shipped, you probably should just buy my fittings and then buy your PVC locally.

    EDIT!!!!!! K Pump sold. Thanks!

    sold, sold, sold......Second, I have a K-Pump K100 hand pump that has never been used. This is a compact, easy to use, high volume pump that you can easily stow aboard your raft or cataraft in case you need to add air. New these sell for $72.95...selling this for $40, plus shipping. K100 here...http://www.k-pump.com/products/pumps/k-pump-k100.html

    K Pump describes the pump..The model K100 is without doubt the most compact, easy to use, high volume pump you could ever own. If you value space and stowability without sacrificing performance, this is your pump. It easily outperforms foot pumps and the standard "two way" barrel pumps in volume and ease of operation. The model 100 has fast become a favorite with a wide range of users such as: inflatable kayakers, float tubers, pontoon boaters and yacht tenders. With the included adaptors you can use the pump on most air mattresses as well. If you are searching for a pump that is: very compact, easy to stow, high volume, easy to operate and very durable, this pump's the best value for your money. Don't buy ANY pump until you have compared it to a K-Pump.
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