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    I met up with my son in Spokane Saturday AM.
    Forest had to drop his GF at the airport and didn't have to be back in Helena until Sunday 10:00 AM, and I don't have to be anywhere at any time anyway.
    So we hit the upper CDA until our arms fell off and we couldn't walk any farther with rocks in out tennies.
    I love the CDA it is an out standing fishery.
    I don't know how many CT's we caught mostly smaller in size, less than 12".
    We did see some really big guys or gals hiding under logs.
    The first fish of the day was a very nice 14"er and I caught one small brook trout.
    The lower river had a huge hatch of bikinis and plastic floaties you could not have hit the water with a #22 trico.
    If your headed for the CDA be prepared for yellow jackets and bald headed hornets. Forest got stung within 5 min. of getting out of the car, and I know I spooked many fish cause I was spatting at hornets.
    Keep fishing my friends
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