CDC Blue Winged Olive Parachute

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    CDC BWO Parachute

    Hook: Tmc 100 or Mustad 94831 #14-18
    Tie in order
    Tail: Blue dun fibres or Fibettes
    Post/wing: 2 or 3 puffs natural dun CDC
    Abdomen: BWO olive superfine Dubbing, Keep body thin
    Hackle: Dark Dun, alt, mix in a few Wraps of Cree for a buggy look.
    About 5 wraps is enough, but you can add more for fast water.

    This fly is really deadly on a hatch, and is very durable. After catching a fish just dry the fly fluffy and it will float again. It has a great silohette. Change the colors for PMD or any other mayfly.
    Parachutes are your best option in most situations.