Cedar River 6/18 (PM) - Dry Flies

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So much for respect. Jeez dude, maybe a little less coffee?

If you have no idea what I was getting at, why jump down my throat? But since you ask, the very simple technique I would use if I was catching post-spawn snakes (provided I was paying attention and gave a damn) would be to stop fishing. It's actually a very old idea; I'm surprized you couldn't figure it out on your own. Maybe read some Haig-Brown.

But whatever, I don't even mean it. I mostly just thought you'd gone off the deep end with Old Man, so I thought I'd poke a little fun at bragging about fish obviously too skinny for their length. Sorry it made you sick.

Don't worry; I'm sure you could outfish me, kick my ass, and steal my wife all on the same day. As far as concerned environmentalism goes, I'm just a do-nothing complainer; ask anybody.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Why don't you all just take a big bite out of me :mad: . Ray excluded.

Of all the info I have given out here on places to fish when and where and I make one little comment on a thing in the regs and you would think that this whole place has gone to hell. Well no more mister nice guy. All my places to go will stay with me until I die.



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classic! (laughing my head off)

No disrespect to anyone, but both camps have valid points. Those fish are snakey as hell, but who cares, I thought the state wants to thin the herd anyway, so I hope those sorry fish get the 10% mortality rate and die! But why pick on this guy, I mean come on now, I could pick apart photos all day long. BTW, have you seen a dentist this decade or what? whatever, its all fun and games till somebody gets their eye poked out. Dudes, heres an idea, Don't take photos, don't take a camema, Are you looking for validation from dudes that to be honest, you don't know, or care about, or them care about you? seriously, get a grip!

Jim, a note from the peanut gallery, You totally get on your high horse about the regs, I think 1250 posts of your 6 zillion posts are about the regs. Come on now jimmy, do you ever really fish? Instead of Old Man, is should be something like, "Captain Reg's" or "I bitch about the regs, but I can't even thread my line, you think I can read?"

Let the blows continue, this post has been brought to you from the fine makers of "YT's a douche", for all your douche needs.

play on......

YT(laughing histerically) :beer2:
Man how did I get into this? I don't even know what my valid points would be. I was just sticking up for old man, being snide about ugly fish, and wondering what the hell Jason's problem is.


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hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha. freakin killin me ray! that one was below the knees, below the knees! good job.

Hey Jason, Ask ray about his writing career, if were hittin low after all. Whatever happened to Fishin Holes? Oh yes, a gear mag w/ a "little" flyfishing. busted! For the record, I have every issue.

laughing head off!!!!

YT :p

I want you to really reflect and your last post and ask yourself, do I deserve the respect I asked for in my earlier post? Your last comment was childish and written only to provoke an argument. I have respect for elders that earn it; but to think your age gives you a free pass to be rude doesn't fly with me. :confused:

My position in this post was defensive. I was accused of illegal activities and poor sportsmanship.

This forum was made for sharing info, posting pics, and to provide a "meeting ground" for enthusists. If you are only here to criticize; you make this forum a drag.
I refuse to apologize about Fishing Holes. That was a sweet gig and made me the celebrated, wealthy man I am today. They fired me for using big words like "abundant" whan I could have just said "lots." But look who's still standing.


I'm just guessin Jason's big brother done give him an indelible ass-whoopin during his formative years. But I'm pretty sure Jim's big brother is still whoopin on him...only difference is that Jim no doubt keeps pointing out to him the blow by blow illegalities of it.


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Great response Ray, I'm stilling laughing my head off!

Jason, if it makes you feel better, I fished the Cedar on 6/17 and only caught minnows. I lost a fat 10 incher. Buck up camper, tomorrows another day.

Gotta run, thanks for the fun!

YT :cool:
Dont really post much myself but do enjoy a good post when I see one. Keep up the good work Jason. I enjoyed your pics and even though it has been proposed that you are attacking others, your comments are well written and fitting.

Question for all:

Why do flyfisherman tend to be more anal about fishing then other fisherman?
(Serious question to)

Had this post been thrown into a non-flyfishing arena, Jason most likely would have recieved nothing but congradulations.

Get out and fish more. Enjoy the great outdoors of this state. We are lucky to live in such a wonderful area of the world.

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