Cedar River Cleanup/Thanks

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    The Cedar River cleanup took place this past Sunday and was a great success. Even though we had fewer people than last year, we managed to make a good dent in the trash from the middle river downstream to Renton. The best part by far was that everyone who participated last year agreed that there was at least ½ of the amount of trash this year. This was very encouraging.
    I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who made the cleanup possible this year:
    -First, thanks to everyone who made it out and helped by physically being their and picking up trash. We even had a few locals pick up some bags and help out (see the first picture).
    -Secondly, thanks to Mark St. Yves of the Seattle Sonics, Brian Bennet from Patagonia and Eric Rathbun owner of Reel Pure, for donating prizes for the raffle.
    Thanks again, to everyone who helped out.

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