ceder river questin


My name is Mark Oberg
Hay there, got a question about a stretch of water. I was checking out some blue lines and came across this spot. Does any one got any inside info, please pm me.
Well shit, I can't upload a pic from the phone. Over poored, cement embankment across from school.



My name is Mark Oberg
I'm looking for info on what runs in there, flys, spots, etc. When I found this one it was lit up like a Christmas tree. Also there is property around there, is this spot game to fish with out pissing them off.
Are you asking about fishing the Cedar river in general, of some specific spot that you can't upload? The Cedar river has about 22 river miles of fish-able water, from the Landsburg Dam down to the mouth at Lake Washington.

There are many public (some very public) access points, Highway 169 runs along most of it, and there is a bike trail that provides up close access as well to get to spots less accessible by car. Biking is likely the best way to explore it. Just be sure to lock your bike.

Mostly Rainbow and Cutthroat, with other fish at various times like SMB down by the lake, and various other fish like suckers and peamouth at various times. Likely the largest Sockeye salmon run in the lower 48 during the fall after it closes. Coho? as well I think mixed in with the Sockeye. Again, all well after its short season closes.

I'm sure people have their own favorite and "secret" runs, but given the number of well worn trails, I doubt much is really secret unless you have access to private land. It's mostly wade-able the entire length at the right time of year (summer).

I don't think that there are any magic flys or techniques, just typical small water stuff. Your best tool would be a time machine to go back to when it first opened after many years of closure. Failing that, common opinion is that it fishes best really early or really late in the day, although you can catch fish at noon on a sunny day.

This is likely one of the easiest and best urban rivers to just get out an explore. Anyplace that looks like you can park your car (or has lots of broken glass) likely will have trails that lead to the river with good spots.

While I'm at it, here's a plug for a great non-profit that I support,The Friends of the Cedar River Watershed. For example they leverage public donations to partner with other groups that buy up flood-prone properties and rehabilitate the land back to a natural fish-friendly state. Net result is more public access, and better habitat for fish . In my interactions with them it's clear that they understand fly fishing.

Check out:


They also have an event coming up that might be of interest:
Cast & Dig: 4th Annual Fly Fishing & Habitat Restoration Event

Cavanaugh Pond Natural Area, Renton

Saturday, July 13 ~ 9:00am-2:00pm
Hmm, well after looking at the photos I'm still at a loss. I can't say I recognize that specific stretch of water based on those shots or your description. Come Saturday swing a streamer through there and report back.
Rainbow ... do a search on the site here, there will be a ton of Cedar info.

Mr. Turds, things open the first Saturday in June (this Saturday) and ends last day of August.

The break-ins are over-rated, I've never been hit in the years I have fished it.
I've never been broken into in three summers, but I did pull up as another family was sweeping glass of their seats. They were floaters, not anglers. And this was right on 169, not off in an out of the way place. Like a lot of crime, I believe it is episodic, not evenly distributed.


My name is Mark Oberg
Ya, that's what I thought. I have never fished it, every time I hear about it. I hear about break in's. And I don't want them messing with my car. It's and audi a4, and this spot looked safe. thanks for the reply's.