Celebrating 15 Years

Congratulations! I never pass through PA without stopping in Swain's and your shop. I only wish you were closer (or that I could find time to get out to the Peninsula more often!).



"Chasing Riseforms"
Congratulations Dave and the gang! Great shop! I wish I could get up there more often. Best shop around. These guys have EVERYTHING you need!
Great too hear Dave and congrats!! In my mind there isn't any question why you've made it so long....You have always had the newest and best tying materials, flies, and gear in general than any one else....You carry things other shops don't. I just wish you were a bit closer.

Anyone who hasn't been to your shop owes it too themselves to make the trip to PA and see what a really great fly shop you have.

Best of luck for the next fifteen,
Just checked out your site and just wanted to say that you have some great stuff and excellent prices with the current incentive! I may have to splurge and pick up a new reel...
Thanks, hopefully you can break it in out on the Olympic Peninsula soon for steelhead or salmon.
Haha, yep I am sure it will get some steelie action on the OP. But its first use (Echo 8/10) will be for sockeye on the Kenai in July. The cool thing is the reel is about the same standard price everywhere else but was able to save $15 bucks with the discount and free shipping. Cant beat that!