Central Oregon Road Trip

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    Seattle, WA

    Just got back from a 10 day road trip with the family to Central Oregon.

    Day 1. We drove from Seattle to the Deschutes County Campground at the confluence of the Columbia River. I spey fished a promising looking run near the mouth of the Descutes in hope of catching an early steelhead. To my surprise I caught two 3-4 lb smallmouth bass!
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    Day 2. We drove up canyon and camped about 20 miles or so south of Maupin. Beautiful canyon with some realy nice water. I caught several whitfish and small Redbands 10 inches at best.
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    We had a family of Bighorn Sheep hanging out accross the river from our camp site.
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    Day 3. Drove to Bend for some more food and booze and then to the Cascades Lakes Highway. We camped a couple of days at Hosmer Lake which is a popular spot for canoeing, kayaking and fly fishing. It is a realy neat lake with Brookies and Atlantic Salmon cruising around the laberynth of marsh channels. Caught several wiley Atlantics with small light colored may fly patterns. Did not hook any Brookies but a good time was had by all at this idylic lake with Mt Bachelor in the backdrop.
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    Day 5. Drove back to Bend and spent the night at a Hotel for hot shower and meal out.
    Day 6. Drove to Camp Sherman on the Metolius River and hiked to the source spring as well as the larger spring in the Canyon section of the river. Fished several spots near camp but was skunked like most who fish this challenging river. Did not have time to fish "Dolly Hole" near the Hatchery but met one guy who had done well.
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    Day 8. Started working our way back home and drove north to Olallie Lake which is a large Alpine lake at 5000 feet. The resort which changed hands two years ago is being renovated so there was no water, ice, or garbage receptacles. The lake is stocked with rainbows and they were plentiful despite evidence of heavy fisheman harvesting (lots of heads and entrails thrown in the shallow water off of the camp sites). Fished dries, nymphs and wooly buggers with no sucess but did very well with a muddler/streamer pattern. Caught many fish over 2 days mostly trolling with a full sink line from my kayak. Very nice lake with Mt Jefferson in the background. My only gripe was the mosquitoes where insane. My son got bit so much one of his eyes got swollen shut. Spent alot of time paddling as the bugs where not bad on the water. Never seen so many newts/salamanders as I saw along the shorelines of this lake.
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    Day 10. Drove north to Sandy and then worked our way to Yakima and back to Seattle. Saw some "flying saucer" clouds over the Columbia.
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    Had a great trip and look forward to making it back to Central Oregon soon.

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  2. Diehard

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    Seattle, Washington, USA.
    Sounds like a great trip!
  3. Bob Jones

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    Last seen in Portland Or. via Tacoma,Puyallup, Wa.
    I love that country too, need to get back there.
  4. Skysoldier

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    Lost in the woods.....
    There is some great smallmouth fishing in the Deschutes this time of year, sound like you all had a great time. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Mark Walker

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    So. Cal.
    Looks just great!
    Thanks for taking us with you (pics).
  6. Gary Thompson

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    East Wenatchee, WA
    Good trip, thanks for the memories.

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