Cheeky? Please tell me this isn't where we are headed...


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Is the issue the poaching, the price of the reel, the pipe, or something else? Are we really sitting on the internet judging what another person was wearing? I agree that if it was illegal to take the fish, you should have called the authorities. Our actions speak louder than our words. The guy can buy a $6,000 reel in whatever color he wishes as long as he returns the fish if mandated by law, in my opinion.


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No phone. Encounter a dumbass poacher. What to do?

That's a tough one. If you've hiked in, you can't get a plate. I guess I'd have to settle for making him release the dead fish. Tell him your going to give his description to the F&G. Hope I've made him think about checking the regs next time.

I know I'm Monday morning quarterbacking you. It's easy to sit here on my ass and tell you what you should have done. I was just trying to think of what I'd do.

Of course I'm sure someone will pipe in with a "internet tough guy" response. Like "I would have shoved that dumb reel up his ass!"

I would have shoved that damn reel up his ass!
Come on Jim. Your out on the river. Fishing is great. Their jumping out of the water to take your fly. You walk around the corner and see that.
The funeral is nice. Everyone commenting about how you died smiling. What could be better?