Cheetos Puffs


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I cut about 1/3 off the bottom of the pegs and drill the holes out to a larger size. Lightens the load, and makes passing a looped leader through the peg possible.

My bobbers last about 1-day of fishing per-end (2-days per bobber) before the hole is enlarged to the point where they become unusable.

May I ask where you purchased bobbers by the 100-bag. Waters West???


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What size and shape work well with a 5-6 WT line.
Everyone is gonna have their own favorite size. For my 6wt I like the 3/4" (dia.) bobbers. For my 4wt I like the 5/8" (dia.) bobber.

Bye the way, the measurements advertised for the oblong shaped bobbers is for the length, not the O.D. A 1.00" bobber is .3/4" wide X 1.00" long.