Chelan Lake Trout

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by alpinetrout, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Has anyone fished Lake Chelan in the spring or fall for lake trout? I've never hooked one on a fly and am aiming to change that. If anyone's done it, I'd be interested in hearing about techniques, flies, success, etc.
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    Fish till ya drop.
    Then suck it up
    and fish the evening hatch.

    I think your chances on a fly in fall for Lakers is near zero at Chelan. In spring you may be able to catch a smaller one in shallow enough to flyfish, but likely not the best lake to try it.

    Try to get into and ask Rick Graybill about chances out there on fly gear. He guides on Chelan nearly year around and knows the lake as well as anyone.

    BTW there are a number of lakes in Canada near Bridge Lake BC that have excelllent fishing for smaller lakers to 5-6# in shallow on flies for the first month after ice out ie, late April early May.

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