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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Travis Bille, Apr 1, 2013.

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    I headed out to the wackiest stillwater around, Stone Lagoon, for a few hours yesterday. I anchored up in my favorite cove and about 5 casts later I had a pretty fish in my net. I'm pretty sure this is a cutthroat. I wasn't sure at the time, steelhead also frequently enter this lagoon, and cuttbows are common too. In retrospect, the picture looks like the mouth goes behind the eye, so I think it's just a very shiny cutthroat.

    Anyone care to weigh in??


    About an hour later I got a second heavy strike. After a pretty long battle I had a TANK of a cutthroat in my net. He taped out at 19".


    I'm pretty sure this guy would have gone over that wonderful 20" mark if it wasn't for this....


    It looks like he got into a recent battle with one of the lagoon's otters. I was shocked at how hard it fought considering it doesn't really have a tail. He was released without further harm.

    So that's it! Great day at Stone Lagoon here in Northern California. I'm glad I'm finally getting this place dialed in.

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