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I've heard a lot of talk about the chironomid fishing of late, and I've got to admit I don't fully understand how it works. It sounds like you put a midge pupa pattern on a long leader, let it sink down and keep an eye on your strike indicator on the surface. Does that sound about right? Anything else I should know before giving it a whirl?

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Yep; that's about it. There are some finer points of course, for instance going through some trials to determine what depth you want to suspend the fly at, etc. Don't forget a cup of coffee to help you focus on your bobber for long periods. Sometimes the action can be fast, though you usually need more patience than I can muster.

You can also fish chiros on a sinking or sink-tip line, making short casts (for a relatively vertical retrieve) and a VERY SLOW hand twist retrieve. How slow is slow? Try two minutes -give or take- per cast. Later on in the season, you may also find opprtunity to fish chiros (or some "suspender" version) on a floating line and greased leader to rising fish, generaly very early or late in the day.


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As long as I'm here reading this could someone post, like say one or two of your best chironomid patterns that I could tie up.
You should get some good advice to your posting here, but if you want alot of information and patterns to tie pick up the book "Patterns for Stillwater Fly Fishing" by Philip Rowley. He is from Canada, where they basically perfected this type of fishing, and this book is great! Except I loaned it to my brother and he won't give it back!!!Also, go to and click on the fishing links for more patterns and information. Good Luck!