Swap Chironomid & Catch

You can tie what ever you want, as long as it is a chironomid (midge larva) pattern. There are many types and patterns, and it is entirely up to you. If you don't have a favorite, you could select one from a book or off the internet. I will be tying the pattern that at least for me works great.

Once I get all the participants, I will post details.
If you got room still, I would be interested. This would be my first swap, but I got a great chironi pattern that you guys will like. It also works in moving water too! Once again, it would be my first swap, if you dont have time or patience to help a newbie along, let me know, no worries.

:D Right on Ty, we are good to go.

OK, here's the skinny. Our swap is full and includes the following tiers:

Wayne Jordan
James Mello

On or before March 24, send 5 of your chironomids to the address I send you via PM. I will divide them all up, then mail a set to each of you. Please include your return address. For other "swap rules", please review the sticky topic posted at the top of the swap forum.

Next, go to your secret (or maybe not) lake and give each one, including your own, the same effort. Try to make the presentation the same for each, then record what your results are. It will be fun to see if any one particular pattern works better than others. You don't have to name your lake if you don't want to, but please include the date and method of presentation with your report sent to me via PM. I will compile the results (if any) and send to each participant via PM. If one pattern is the clear winner for all swappers, I will post Kudos on this forum at the end. After all, this site is all about sharing and learning.

I got to tie up a couple more of mine, and then they are in the mail! I can only tie so many at a time with a fifteen pound cat laying on my arms.


Nick Riggs

I've been known to fish from time to time...
I had to ban my cat from my tying room, it likes to eat both materials and hooks. I can't afford to send it to the vet either, and I don't want it to die.
Alright, I finished mine this weekend. They should be in the mail by tomorrow.

I have two large cats one 12+ the other is easily 15+ and he is skinnier than the fat ol' siamesse (sp). The fat cat loves to rub her face on the vice. I try to kick them off the table, but it dosnt work, so I just hang it up for the day or wait ten minutes till they are sleeping. Soon when I have my house, I will have my tying room\ps2 room with no cats!!

Cats Rule and Dogs Drool!,