Chukar, sneaky, quick and revengeful

hey anyone no of any good chukar hunting locations. i was at the yakima canyon and went across the bridge only to walk about a mile or so in to find about 10 more hunters so i was wondering if there are any less crowed areas to chase these little guys


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i know of some great hunting down around Winnemucca or in the Tobin Mnts, also some really good hunting out by Halfway and Richland.
Did you run into the other hunters along the stream or up on the ridge tops? My experience with that area is that there a lot more people lower along the stream than up on either ridge. However I have not hunted there in the past 5 years, maybe it is getting more pressure lately.

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If you're up for a long drive, head over and hunt breaks above the Snake, near Wawawai. When I was being enlightened at WSU, we used to chase the wiley red legs down there all the time. Of course that was 20 years ago, but I imagine there are still birds around.


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I love chasing after chukar. Kind of like steelhead- A lot of work with little results, but fun none the less. Try Quilomene area by Ellensburg. Vernita Bridge area too. Just hunt tops of the ridges an rimrock. I have been getting into a fair number of birds this year. The more they are pressured the nastier areas they seem to head to. Fortunate to have a dog like a billy goat. I always bring a hiking pole to help navigate the rough terrain. PM me maybe can help with suggestions


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Wawawai is good, I haven't hunted it since I was in school either, but I know that area, and there is no way there aren't birds there. Take a call, and listen. Lots of places on the N. side (sunny side) of the breaks of the Snake and breaks of the Clearwater.

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I haven 't hunted for many years, but used to be an avid chukar hunter. Some of my favorite spots were:

Umptanum Creek Canyon, off Umptanum Road. You can hunt either side of the Canyon, and either west or east from the road.

Years ago, there was a footbridge across the Yakima at Wymer. Today, you'd need a boat to cross the River. Lots of chukars for those willing to climb.

Douglas Creek Canyon near Pallisades.

Quilomene Creek.