Chum and SRC flies

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Sky Dunphy, Oct 19, 2004.

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    Sep 9, 2004
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    I have been tying quite a few flies recently and I'd like to sell some of them. This can be an expensive hobby (fly fishing in general), especially for a student...

    Chum Flies:
    Chum Candy (Chartreuse or Pink)
    Chartreuse bunny leach (w/ nickel eyes)
    Chum Salmon slammer (Chartreuse)
    Chum bug (Chartreuse w/ pink)

    These are all tied on tubes and the price is $15 for 15 flies (with 8 gamakatsu size 2 saltwater hooks) or $20 for 25 flies (with 12 gamakatsu size 2 saltwater hooks). If you have any questions about tubes (i.e. why use them or how to use them, pm or email me).

    reverse and traditional spiders in all various colors
    wooly buggers
    (on hooks but can do tubes as well)

    $15 for 15 flies
    $20 for 25 flies

    I will be posting photos later this week.

    If there are any other patterns you're interested in, let me know as I will most likely be able to tie them. Further, if there are any specific sizes or colors you'd like for any of the listed patterns, I can tailor the order for your needs. If you want a really large order I can further discount the price.

    Thanks for your interest

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