I have read several postings that refer to a chum salmon fly called "Chum Candy". Does anyone have pattern info for that fly? What colors is it normally tied in? Is it good for Chum and Silvers?

Check out Wooley Worms post (Westfly) this has a link to a cool website that has a recipe, and a nice pic of the Chum candy fly.
If your interested there is also a slightly different version to the chum candy pattern shown at the WESTFLY web site that you can take a look at. Go to "" and select the salmon link on the left and down to see the picture.


i dont know what most people use i use these three patterns and always caught fish if there was fish to catch. i use saltwater size 4 mustad 34007 pink or green crystal flash for tail. either v-rib or purple frostbite thread by fish hunter ent for body. on the green or pink v-rib you want to put silver tinsel on the shank first then the v-rib over that, then pink or green saddle hackle for the hackle i always let it flow back over the fly. or you can you use krystal flash for the hackle or whatever its called. i always use the same color thread as the hackle. my favorite pattern is green krystal flash tail, purple frostbite body, some fl. chartruese saddle hackle for hackle on size for hook, but there are probaly a 1000 diffrent patterns they will hit. later Ben
well i seen both of the patern on the two web sites and nether one mached the one we used if u tye your own use pink thread for the body make a good sized body on a #4 or #2 hook on the back make a good sized buble or back about1/16 inck high use 2 peaces of sparkelhackel green or litegreen bend them so they were dubbeld up and tye them in frunt of the hump so that thay go at a 45 and do the same on the frunt so in the end u have a pink fly with twohump with four 1/2 inch sparlhacal wings or finson the eney way thjere are somany patern to them you can use all sorts of tread and hacklkeep the sunny side up and the krusty side down keeep on trucking
Thanks to everyone who responded to my Chum Candy question. I have started tying up some of the patterns. We are going over to Hood Canal this Friday to try for Chum.

Thanks again,