Pattern Circus has come to town

Big E

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dont u feel bad when u snag flies like this?

it looks awesome though does it come in other colors??
Lol're such a clown.

They come in whatever colors I tie it in...

This is just 1 of 24. I've got all the backs done and about 8 totally done...been more of a pain to tie than I originally thought.
I've tied and fished some of those. Never caught anything. I fished Rufus Woods last spring thinking the Peanut would do it - but it wasn't so. Are you targeting browns with these?
I really like the way they look in the water.

Dustin Bise

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oh shit im a clown at the circus i get it now!!!1

lookin at it closer it doesnt look to insane to tie. what is ur target species with this?
Sometimes when I am tying I can spend a long time on a certain fly. The CP has several steps which are beneficial to other patterns. I like tying it and would love to get a fish to eat it.

Big E

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Browns, Bass,Pike and maybe Musky are the most likely targets for these big streamers although I would imagine you could catch a steelhead with them too. It is essentially two buggers but a bit nastier. The articulation, rubber legs, and schlappen adds lots of movement. sorry, don't have any other colors tied up at the moment. These two dozen are all olive. Feel free to PM me though if you want.

Its not hard to tie but it is time consuming...several materials/components...these take me about as long as an intruder to tie.