Classic Flies

Dave McNeese

One of the OLD guys
These are some fine examples of classic tying. I will post new pictures each week as time allows. Does anyone know or care to make a guess on the three different artists?


Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Dave, Thanks so much for your participation and all of these things you are sharing with us. Much appreciated!
Thanks for sharing the Pics with us Dave.
I don't have a clue for the 1st and 3rd but
the middle ones look like Syd Glasso's to me.

Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Number one is somebodys version of a Butcher from T.E.Pryce Tannat. Don't know who the tyer is though.
Number three is likely based on a fly originated by John Traherne, named the Indian Crow. Many people have tied variations. Paul Schmookler has one over on in the radical fly gallery. Others are scattered about the web if you dig around. I think I remember seeing another one somewhere on


Matt Burke

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Would Syd have fished one of those on the Sol Duc? The third one looks like a pretty fishable fly. They are amazing examples. I always wonder about beauty vs. durability. I don't mean durability in the mouth of some enraged Steelhead, but days and days of MY Spey casting.

Dave McNeese

One of the OLD guys
Hey! Yes it is Bill Chinn, well the first fly, anyway. It was tyed about 15 years ago. The third fly is Mark Waslich at age 23, also more than 10 years ago. Great guesses. Both of these flies are awesome, in that they are not flat, they have bulk to them which makes them more realistic. This is more true to form of the thousands of antique flies that I have studied. We, as U.S. students, demand slimness and small heads, but in Europe the flies have bulk because they were for fishing, not just show.