Classic Reels


Love vintage graphite!
Nothing compliments a classic bamboo or fiberglass rod like a classic reel. Let's hear (or see) what yer using.

Here is one of my "pimped" Pflueger Medalist reels on board an 8' 5wt. bamboo rod.
I LOVE my Medalist reels! :thumb:



aka Dave Hoover
They're probably the best value reel ever made. They're timeless, tough and it's neat that a 60+ yrs old spool will still work on a brand new chinese made reel. Love 'em on my glass rods too.

Ed Call

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I recently came across a small trove of Pfluegers. I'm gonna go check them out in greater detail again soon...maybe I'll find some in good shape for my fiberglass rods.

Greg Armstrong

This is/has been a slippery slope...
Older bench-made reels are real works of art & craftsmanship. I'm especially partial to those with genuine agates (esapecially the red ones) used for line guides. Here's a few of them;

Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
My most often used reel is the Hardy Marquis #6 at 3 1/4" dia. I have three frames and 5 or 6 spools. There are also a variety other Hardy's from the new Cascapedia to old Flyweights and a few in between. In addition there are reels by JW Young, JA Forbes, Hardy made Orvis and a few others.
All in all, too many. I like reels but I don't collect them. My eye is always towards usability without worry. Hence the bag full of Marquis, Young's and Forbes.


Greg Armstrong

You're all too correct, Tim. But like I said, it can be a slippery slope so my collection has grown some over the years. I've found doing the historical research on them brings a lot of enjoyment, especially when the rivers are up and difficult like they are right now. There's so much history and tradition in fly fishing, and admiring (and using) some of the older reels and rods has added a lot of fun for me.
I use my JW Young 14A and the two pictured 15A's (mid '20's- late "30's) a lot for trout, and the Farlows BWP from New Zealand (pictured w/the large ports) is a great reel w/a unique (for the time period) adjustable drag. I also really like a little 3" Young Perfect "clone" w/red agate line guide that I bought after these photos were taken. I use a Hardy St. George from the 1960's as well. to balance my Granger 9050. The early Hardy 3 screw St. George shown I've not used although it's in great condition. I also collect a few W. Dingleys - just wonderful reels all.
All of these reels were extremely well made and are quite usable as is. They were made "on the bench" and it shows. I luv 'em all!

Scott Behn

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I've been a HUGE fan of JW Young reels...simple and will still be used on the water for another 70 yrs.

And also the Heddon Daisy Reels



fish'n glass
i love old american reels. neat to look at and still work great for trout.
(forgot to attach the picture here)
i have this shelf on my office wall and really enjoy looking at them when i can't be on the water.