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    Rules: The classifieds is for private party usage (your own personal gear) and sponsor usage only. If you're a hobby buyer/seller pushing gear from misc sources, you're against the TOS acting a hobby business. Posting ads for others shouldn't be done as you are responsible for the ad communication and updates to indicate when items are sold. This isn't an auction so if you're selling, please add your price. This isn't a place to add a link to your craiglist or ebay listing so if you're selling, sell it directly here.

    Titles Prefixes:
    • FS: For Sale
    • T: Want to trade
    • FS/T: For sale or trade
    • WTB: Want to buy
    • Sponsor Ad: To let you know that this isn't a private party ad but it's supported. It's part of what we offer the sponsors as thanks for the support.
    • No using ALL CAPS. It's not necessary and bad form. Don't do it.
    • Most things that are used should have photos to back up the description.
    • This isn't an auction so if you're selling, please add your price.
    • Do your best to communicate well. It's expected and appreciated.
    • If you have multiple items that aren't packaged together, edit your original post to note updates such as items that are sold, adjusted prices, etc.
    • If the item has sold, post a note stating as much and then close or delete it. See below for instructions to do that.
    Closing your classified ad: I've enabled the option for all members to be able to delete their listing within the classifieds forum area. To do so, enter your thread, click the drop down "Thread Tools" and the select Delete. IN ADDITION... After 30 days without activity, threads (ads) within the classifieds are automatically locked. This is done to stop people from replying to 4 year old ads.

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Thread Status:
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