Clearwater National Forest - Fall 2010

Great reporting, great pictures, great trip! Reading this thread was quite difficult from my desk at work, thats for sure! Looks like a great time was had by all.
Many thanks for your efforts in putting together the report for this exceptional trip! Over the years, I have been on many trips similar to this one, but I am confident that this one will go down as among the very best of the best!! I too appreciate being invited to participate in what I hope will be the first of many. Many thanks to the organizers!!


Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
The downside of this incredible trip was the fact that the rest of the guys introduced me to some whiskey called "bourbon".... Ye've RUINT me, laddies!!
We have the famous WFF portable bar set up on the tailgate of my truck, View attachment 34827 ,Lonnie's incredible sausage dish View attachment 34828 , and a cutt which fell to an orange stimulator and my old Sage View attachment 34829 After hitting the streams all day, it was great to relax with the libation of choice:beer1: Lonnie enjoying a Kelly Creek gin&tonic View attachment 34830 And I got a chance to take out one of the new Watermasters on some really skinny water! View attachment 34831
Altogether an incredible trip, gents, and I really look forward to another one!!!
Great write-up Ed! Glenlivet 15 rocks.
Lonnie, you also captured some spectacular scenery and fishy scenes
Same to you Alex, nifty the way you interspersed text and photos. I noted the Knob Creek was front and center in the bar pic, you have fallen to the dark side.
Nice pics and report; sounds like you had a great trip.

My wife and I have been visiting that particular neck of the woods every year for nearly 10 years now. It is simply incomparable. The first time I saw those kokanee swimming between my legs I nearly jumped out of my waders! I finally figured out how to catch them on the fly and always spend a couple hours each trip dancing with salmon.

This year we invited a few fellow WFF's along and we had great time. I think there is something about the place that makes it a great place to go with friends. Perhaps its the remoteness that makes the friendships seem more important.

Great pics... I haven't made it up there yet... but you guys have convinced me to head that way this Sunday
It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time both on and off the river... I hereby add myself to the growing list of jealous anglers sitting in front of their computer