Coho smolts infesting the river

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    make it kind of hard to keep fishing. I fished a short stretch of the E Fork Satsop up from Shafer St Park today. I was on my way home from the rainshadow area, and on a whim I took the back route from Shelton thru Matlock and down the Satsop Valley. When I pulled into the park just after noon, it looked like a bush bear convention was going on. Elsewhere, poachers were having a holiday, no doubt. However, due to the massive WDFW presence (looked like a company picnic), I figured it was safe to park my rig (full of gear) there and make a few casts. I shucked on my waders over my jeans, rigged up my Redington CT 7634 (7' 6" 3 wt) and tied on an olive #10 Stimulator. I was casting my 3 wt DT line (El Cheapo Cabelas Prestige Plus on sale for 29.99 how could I resist?) with a 9' leader and 4X tippet. I really liked the way that rod casts the line. Its a good match. Easy casts beyond 40' and it roll casts nicely, too. My Redington Drift reel has a nice sounding clicker, too.
    Wading upstream, I encountered nothing but wild Coho parrs in the 4" to 5"+ size. Some of the bigger ones approached 6" and were losing their parr marks. Of the ones I had to unhook, I never noticed a single clipped fin. All were unclipped, hence I assume they were wild spawned .Most of them didn't get hooked for long, because I was being careful to not set the hook, once I figured out that the river was full of 'em. The surface takes were fun, though. I'm not going back up there for at least a couple of months, though.
    I hit a bigger fish, about 7" or 8" on the way upstream (I waded up almost a half mile), but it wasn't on for long. It was in a deeper run, and it may have been a cutthroat, but it was a pleasant surprise after all the Coho dinks.

    I switched down and dirty to a #8 Wounded Sculpin for the wade back down. Tungsten conehead, and Chuck'nDuck on the 3 wt line and rod. In another deeper run (at least 4' deep!), I hooked my best fish. I'll bet it would have gone at least 9", maybe 10" and it put a good bend in my rod before it jumped and then threw the hook. No ID on the species, but I'll bet the frisky little critter was a cutthroat.
    After that, I knew I would only find Coho dinks in the riffles on my way back, as I remembered no more deeper runs or holes, so I reeled in and hucked it back downstream to my rig.

    I'm really liking that 7'6" 3 wt! I need to find it some decent fish to tame, though.
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    With the massive WDFW presence, did you even get your license checked?:)