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    Had an opportunity to meet my buddy I grew up with back in Colorado in late May /early June when all the Washington rivers were blown out. Normally this wouldn't be a good time to be heading to the Colorado high country but with their low snow pack made for an almost non-existent run off.

    I have been getting back at least 2 or 3 times a year but this looks like my only chance to get back this year. We decided to base out of his new place in Avon and fish some water neither of us has fished in a long time.

    Got picked up early afternoon and we headed up I-70. After getting settled in we made the short walk from his place to the Eagle River. The flows had bumped up a little from the previous week and things were a little slow but we were able to entice a few to a dry-dropper set up in the evening. Great setting with some nice riffles and pocket water.
    2012-05-31 17.52.58.jpg
    Buddy with a nice Brown on the Eagle.

    The next morning we were up early and headed to the Yampa. I haven't fished the Yampa for more than 20 years. The last time was when my Dad and I camped and fished over a long weekend. We headed up to an area he had fished about a month earlier. When we pulled over we were the only ones in this stretch. The conditions were ideal, both weather and flows. This is a beautiful setting and the water was gin clear so it was a sight fishing mecca. This was dry dropper fishing with small midge droppers. Early on my buddy hooked up on some fish in the riffle below me while I kept missing on small takes. We gradually moved up stream to some pocket water and then it was really game on! We alternated fishing some deeper pools and lost count on the number of fish to hand. Primarily it was a nymping game early on but we both caught fish on our dries. Most were rainbows in 13-15" range... some with very vibrant colors.
    2012-06-01 12.04.49.jpg

    2012-06-01 17.30.26.jpg
    While my buddy was fishing the run below me I was working a fish that was feeding in a narrow run above. After multiple attempts I finally got hooked up with a nice brown that immediately took off for faster water and shook the hook. Needless to say I was a little frustrated as it was the best fish I had hooked it in to.
    We decided it was a good time for a late lunch and some liquid refreshment. On our return we hit some more great pockets and were able to fish some emergers and dries. We decided to hit up our favorite pool one more time. My buddy decided to fish the run I fished earlier and wouldn't you know it he hooked that brown I missed earlier. After a great fight and a multiple comical netting attempts we landed this nice fish.
    2012-06-01 13.22.26.jpg
    Got off the water at dusk and headed out the next day to the upper Arkansas. Very scenic drive over Tennessee Pass and could tell we were gaining altitude as the air was getting a little thin. We fished a couple stretches and had a fun day fishing for some very feisty browns. Had some weather move through that brought some rain and wind which gave us a chance to have a beverage and move up river. After the storm things calmed down and my buddy hooked in to a huge brown that spit the hook before he could be netted. Called it a day after that fish.
    Arkansas river.jpg
    Brown on a dry.

    Our next day was a trip up to the Frying Pan which neither of us had had much opportunity to fish. The scenery was beautful on the drive.
    2012-06-02 08.47.28.jpg

    We got an early start and put our skills to the test on some technical water. Again I had a slow start but then things started picking up mid-morning. Again it was dry dropper with a mix of fish on each fly. It was a blast sight fishing to some very well educated fish on the Upper Pan. We both had 8-10 fish to hand on this stretch. Watching a fish you targeted come up to your dry never gets old and they really have some amazing colors.
    One of my better fish

    Late in the day we moved downriver to some faster pocket water and had a blast working side by side upstream fishing dries. Each of us landing another 10-12 fish, although not quite as big as the upper river fish.

    Our last day was a casual pace on the Blue River in Breckenridge to start followed by a couple of hours in Silverthorne. We had more success in Breck than Silverthorne but I don't think either of us was going to complain after the previous days success.

    Needless to say a trip to Colorado was just what the Dr. ordered and I'm always reminded what I miss about home.

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