Columbia Carpin @ Bev


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I am either getting old or lazy or old & lazy as I didn't leave the house till 2:30 but it worked out just fine. Landed 3 between 13 & 15 lbs in my guestimation. Another one just flat out snapped the 20lb line as I had cranked the drag down as the previous fish tired and forgot to rea-djust it. It was a bit of a bummer as the fly was my original carp mop pattern I have used for at least 6 years. Live and learn.. hopefully.

Took considerable time to land them all. It took ten minutes to get one off the backing and onto the fly line on a 8#! Generally I horse em in but they all played tough guys today. They didn't really take off, it more of a sherman tank type battle.

They were very spooking on the flats and you really had to play cool to approach them and the result still was mostly goodbye in short order>>>>>> So I ended up fishing in somewhat murky water of about 5 feet. They behaved completely different at that depth. I truly homered a good six other fish so the number could have been far better.

I don't think the fish in this neighborhood have spawned yet as the river is just now seeming to be on the decline from spring runoff? Behavior seemed pre-spawnish IMO. Otherwise the mulberry trees around the water there have multiplied considerably over the years. The wind was 18 to 30 and once my line caught one of those tress. In the process of retrieving my fly I shook plenty of berries off into the water. Later downwind I saw some major klooping going on. However these fish were far enough from shore who knows just what they were on?

sidebar - I saw what I thought might be a kelt steelhead and then and hour later it was near some carp and it slammed my fly like a mad bass... three times. I dropped the tip and somehow even with the aggressive hit the hook never caught which was just fine. It was noticeably bigger than the carp.

Also of note to those who carp between Wanapum and Priest. I have see 3 different versions of goldfish the last year. One was a totally cool mottled black and orange tiger looking beast.

Also the mulberries are killer.

No photos as the bank was steep where I was and the fish were not entirely exhausted. Just to difficult of a place to pull a camera out and get any kind of respectable shot. Maybe tomorrow...

And what about the bass??? I didn't see a single one. At that point the water was down and the smallies were probably out cruising the shelf on the mainstem... didn't put much time into it, twenty casts but it is really rare when I can catch a smallie. Could be completely different tomorrow though.

Need to tie a few mulberry patterns and a new carp mop and head back tomorrow!


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Back at it... checked recent high water line inn the brush and there was no shortage of berries leaving me feeling to carp at least to some degree are onto this source of food. I also some some berries well of the bank floating. Water was down and very few fish in the bay farthest from the main stem. Due to lower water I think it heats up quicker and the few fish I saw were looking to form a posse, not a good sign. With little opportunity there I figured maybe I can find some bass. On the way to a different spot I notice muddy water and sure enough the responsible party was carp. I switch to a large black fly so it would stand out in the cloudy water. The picture fish was fooled and as soon he was on I took off up the shore as to not thrash the buffet table. Decent fish that had to be pushing 20# . No way could I tail it.. to wide. Upon release I walk right back to the same spot and in a couple minutes got another one. Steered this one away but by the time I got back to the sweet spot the mob was gone. This area will surely be a good spot for mulberry flies in future year. However the trees are lining the banks limiting where you can cast from shore. something gained, something lost. Nice day, breezy but plenty warm. Water feels warmer every time I go now. Still no bass :/


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Great posts and glad you got into the beasts. I have GOT to get out and give that fishery an honest try. I fished the flats there at Bev once a few years back while it was still early, and missed one fish that i know of. Looks like a lot of fun!
Thanks for the report. I got into them good on my favorite flat on the Columbia Fathers day. It's my favorite because I can chase carp and tench to my heart's content, while enlightened can fish for her trout. Three hooked, one landed in an hour.


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Aw man, Tench that's the shizzle there. What fly do you throw at em? They hang in Getty's Cove below Vantage. I've seen them to 7 lbs I'd guestimate.
Aw man, Tench that's the shizzle there. What fly do you throw at em? They hang in Getty's Cove below Vantage. I've seen them to 7 lbs I'd guestimate.
The one in my avatar ate a small bugger, but I had to repeatedly put it in it's face before it finally decided to eat. I've read that they love maggots, so I tied a couple up for next time.