Columbia dam counts ??

David Dalan

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Yep nothing to see here its all an illusion lol!
Kelly Michelsen

I talked to a biologist who said a late run of summer fish was due on the Sky. Something like 100,000 adults, coming in right around the end of September to the end of October. Run would only last a few days, so you'd have to pretty much fish it every day to catch the run...but if you do...WOW!



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The last 4 years the steelhead have blown up river because of cold columbia water temps with good snow pack and high water and late springs. This year with last years late summer and very little snow pack in eastern Oregon (haven't checked eastern Washington packs) the Eastern Oregon lakes and rivers are already almost dry! The fish are going to find the coldwater fisheries above bonni like they did 5 through 10 years ago and stack like cord wood til the Columbia cools down. I will be trolling for chinook Sunday above Bonni and am pretty excited about the fishing this year in these coldwater fisheries like Drano - wind river - deschutes - klick - herman creek - If you want to catch brighter and more fish learn some of these fisheries because the fish might not move until mid oct. I've been fishing these fisheries for about 20 years and have been waiting for summer water temps just like this for 4 years to stack fish up like they used too. But I would rather have better snow pack and higher water for the trout over East and better passage for salmoniods I'll take what I can get and like it! I only fish for the steel when the winds come up to hard for chinook fishing.

And yes, you can have double digit days on steel with fly rods and intermediate lines in still waters if you know how and where!