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    Even thought it was 32 degrees and smokey when I hooked up the boat I thought.. "what the hell I've caught the biggest smallie of the year in October more than once". No dice this time. Third cast and I was into steel. Clipped fin so this wasn't a big rainbow. Few casts later and my partner got one too. This one did the washing machine routine and was much bigger. Got off before we got it to the net. Just as well as this section of the river never opens for steel. Mine hit a 5" Murdich Minnow and the other fly was even bigger.

    Bass were very scare at best. In fact everything was scare and the water on the cool side. Not a single carp in several normally well populated areas. Strange day, but then they can be that way from August on. I saw muddied water well off the bank in 20' of water, boily fishing maybe but not a chance with a fly. Water was cool enough that I am not sure I would bother again.. with a fly rod anyway. Given how much water we covered and how few fish we saw I'd say all the fish are in 15' or deeper water at this point. Seems weird given it has been warmer than normal till the last week. Maybe the recent cool nights made for a quick change that threw them off. It was like the twilight zone out there. Didn't see even one salmon guy hookup. One bass strike way up in a bay and that's all she wrote.

    One other thing... a king was chasing my hooked steelhead around. Would have made one hell of a breakfast if that's what it was thinking?
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    Caught three fish yesterday. No smallies among them. Very strange.