Columbia River Report (near confluence state park) and otheir lakes report

Fished the columbia near confluence sate park thursday, friday and sunday, I walked the mile or so from the campground to the 2nd park that has a big sandbar, i managed to catch one pikeminnow their and scare 2 big 20" plus pikeminnow. I also fished a weedbed by the dock at confluence state park and hooked up with a 6 inch pikeminnow, i just couldnt seem to find smallmouth bass anywhere in this section of the river so on saturday i decided to head up to antilon and try for some browns, all we caught were average sized crappie, i think we may have gotten bites from browns because after we started fishing deep we'd get these hard tugs, that would pull out line unlike the crappie.

On the way back from antilon we saw a sidepond of the columbia that hyad a culvert going into it, but wasnt letting in water in because the river lvls had just dropped alot, their were tons of clam/oyster beds, and alot of weeds in the pond. At first glance it looked like the pond only held little pumpkinseeds, but after walking around the pond a bit we counted about 20 big carp cruising around, tench and a bass here and their. Since the pond was so weedy we decided to rig up our topwater gear and try for bass, we didnt catch anything, but i got a follow from a big largemouth, but i ran out of fly line to pull in before i could get him to bite.