Cooke Canyon


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Anyone interested in a Cooke Canyon pheasant trip in Feb and/or March?

I plan on going with the dog and he does well with other dogs. Always good to get 2 or more people
because can get extra birds and share the cost plus the opportunity to meet members on here. Can make it a cast and blast outing too on the Upper Yak or over to Rocky Ford.

posting to see if any interest.

Jim Ficklin

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I'm tempted, Tom, but I don't think Hank is ready to hunt with multiple dogs or more than 2 hunters yet. Sounds like fun in the making, however & I do want to meet you & Roper some day. Maybe Hank & I will just drive-up to meet you folks.


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OK guys. Will check on dates and will post.

will try and reserve the area with the thrower to shoot some clays before hunt. For those who have not yet hunted Cooke Canyon it is a well -run place.

Jim when the weather is nicer and less snow bring up your dog. Would love to see him

Rick Todd

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One of my bird hunting friends and I booked a trip with Troutwaters for March 23. WE would be up for a trip to Cooke Canyon on the 24th. He has a 2 yo lab showing a lot of promise and I have a 2 yo English Setter that is used to working with other dogs. Rick


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I would be down for splitting some birds at cooke canyon- if only to get some of their homemade stew. I didn't need to eat for a whole day afterwards after that :)

That's a well run place - I really enjoyed it after following the recommendation of a lot of you guys to go.