Cost of Fishing Licenses is worth it

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JackJester, May 18, 2013.

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    Given the recent thread on License Rant for WA licenses, I thought I'd point out that it is worth it. First, let me mention my experience with BC. I purchased my annual BC license today. Super easy to purchase on line here: It is only 1 page to print. $84 for Non-Resident Freshwater Annual. I'll fish 12 days this year so that is $7/day. Not bad for world class lake fishing. "A lake a day as long as you stay."

    I'll fish in WA this year probably only 15 days or so plus a couple of Razor Clam Digs, a Salmon trip, and a Crab trip I'll call it 20 days total. The WA Annual Combo license plus PS Crab for residents was $63. So that's $3.15/day.

    Finally, I'll fish MT for 10 days this fall, and will get a 10 day non-resident license for $53.50. That's $5.35/day. And the small stream fishing will be VERY enjoyable.

    So, overall I'll fork out $200 to fish this year. But I get a LOT of variety and enjoyment. Comparing the 3, WA is half the cost of BC, but the lake fishing in BC is over twice as good. In WA I'll fish some small streams like the MF Snoq and some back packing to alpine lakes. I do enjoy the Razor Clam digs and surf perch fishing on the coast. MT is the best deal in my mind since I just love the stream hopper fishing in the early fall.

    Compare this to a concert. Lets say the reunion of Ozzy with Black Sabbath at the Gorge. Tickets are $72 plus gas and such will be $100. Times this by 2 if say you went to Dave Mathews. So $200 for 2 concerts vs $200 for 42 days of fishing. All in all you get what you pay for, but fishing provides the better bang for the buck IMHO. We are blessed to have such varied fishing options here in the Great NW.
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    I fish here in Montana and it only costs me 8 bucks for the whole season. To me it's just pennies a day. Can you top that.

    I used to fish in Washington State. But I moved away before all of them stupid costs were added. I remember paying 20 bucks for a yearly license and it let you fish your water of choice. Punch cards were free. It sure went to hell in a hurry.
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    All the talk about value is relative to each person and that's just fine with me. One person may mind $20 while another takes a different view of $10 and thinks that is too much.

    What really chaps my felt wader pants it the lousy, scum sucking, low-life politicians that propose endless tax increases (and won't stop even the most senseless spending) then get rebuffed by all of us in the elections.

    So they use the legislative process to raise fees to replace the taxes we said "no" to so they don't have to get our collective approval for more taxes - they just go around us with fees. This is lower than a rattlesnakes belly in a rut at RF!
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    All year in Oregon, WA and ID (via short term permits) costs me about the same as three tanks of gas in the Subaru, or a single fill up in the Van. Would I love to pay less? Sure. But I pay as much per month for internet, and cell phones as I do for a year of fishing the three states.

    Has a good cost v benefit to me. But I try to get out as much as humanly possible. Unless you fish in your back yard (lucky you, if you can) I bet most spend more on gas, food, tackle then you do on a mile. And God help you if you run a boat.
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    The cost of an annual resident WA fishing license has been reasonable over the past 25 years, as compared to other western states, but getting less so as the years roll on simply because our seasons are being increasingly restricted. This is now affecting the quality of the places we fish. It use to be everyone bitched about the crowds and unruly mess at places like Blue Creek, Gold Bar, etc.... now the same is happening on the Hoh (as evident by the threads the last couple years).

    My only complaint is all the damn different parking and access passes. Trying to remember to switch them from one vehicle to the other and which ones are needed where is a pain in the drain.