Couer 'd Alene Area fishing

I am going to be spending some time over on Lake Couer'd Alene for the Forth with my in laws and would like to take my wife fly fishing. I have heard the little Couer'd Alene river is the secret spot, but I am not to familiar with the area. Also I just got back from the MO and Rock Creek and most of the rivers in Montana are blown out. It might be a dead issue for river fishing. I have float tubes so lakes are ok too.

My question for the forum is are there any places worth checking out or do I have to drive to St. Regis or Missoula? Heck I'll entertain some nice camping spots in the north Idaho area. Any help would be appreciated.

Tight Lines!
There are all kinds of lakes in this area. Fernan just off of the big lake acn be good for trout and spiny rays. Houser could be good. Hayden Lake can be great smallmouth fishin'. But if you are a die hard river trout fisherman, then the North Fork of the CDA, up past Cataldo should be pretty good depending on the water condions.
I know the Spokane River is about as high as it's been in years.
Kelly Creek and the upper St Joe might be a bit of a drive but always produces some excellent fly fishin'.

But anywhere you go will be great ------ your flyfishin'

Try Faraget state park {not sure if this is spelled right}. The lake use to be a sub base so it is very deep and has some monster trout. 17" to 19" is common and I have heard of some in the 28"-30" range though I have never caught them that big there. Fish the back bay around the docks when the bait fish come into the shallows and hold on tight. You can fish from the docks in the evening but a float tube or small boat would be helpfull. I was there last September and a friend caught a 19" right off the dock and I caught a 16" and had one on much bigger. The whitefish and Kokanee fishing is also not bad. Next time I go there I want to drag a full sink line with a bait fish or leech pattern durring the day to see if I can catch some big ones in the day time not just the evening.