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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IveofIone, Dec 7, 2009.

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    Now being built overseas this rig-along with the Honda Ridgeline-answers the question: 'When is a truck not a truck?' The answer of course is when the "bed" is about the size of a large cooler chest. But unlike the Honda, the Amarok (awkward name, eh?) is very nice looking and well proportioned. And the powertrain is compelling indeed. A 2 liter TDI diesel with 161 hp and 295# of torque would make this an excellent daily driver with excellent mileage yet have plenty of punch to climb hills or tow a drift boat.

    Although the bed is small I think that it would haul a pontoon boat with the tailgate down and still have plenty of room in the 4 door cab for rods and gear. My first impression is that this would be a very desirable rig for fly fishers or urban residents that needed occasional hauling capacity but couldn't justify the thirst of a gas powered truck.

    The bad news of course is that there are no plans to sell it in North America with the current powertrain. I don't know why we always get sloppy seconds in regard to the good stuff produced abroad but that does seem to be our fate. Or why diesels which are sold almost exclusively to emerging markets around the world are sold at a premium price point here in the USA, if at all.

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    Cool looking/sounding rig. For now, I'm dividing time between my ol' rusting Mazda B-2200 xtra cab p/u (work crummy and beach-driving rig) and my '04 Subaru Forester.

    I'm hoping that in the not so distant future I'll able to get a rig powered by an internal combustion engine that runs on natural gas. That would burn a little bit cleaner than gasoline or diesel.
    We have the technology, and huge reserves of natural gas.