Couldn't go fishing report from Hawaii

Charlie S

Confrimed Reprobate
I was scheduled to fish for a day with Coach Duff in Hawaii while I was on the islands. Fee was paid, plane reservations made, and I was hot to trot. Mother Nature decided that I didn't need to fish with Coach and threw wind, rain, and snot all over my plans. Talked with Coach the night before I was to fly out and he was driving through 2-3 feet of water to get home. He sounded miserable.

This is a class guy. Coach told me he would recommend that we cancel the trip and he would refund the entire amount. He didn't have to do this but he sure will get my business, probably two days worth, the next time I'm over there! As he said, you can't really catch bonefish in the rain because you can't catch what you can't see. Having done this with tarpon I knew he was right. So, I stayed back in the resort, drank Mai Tai's to console myself and pouted a bit. I went to the nearby Anini Beach and snorkeled for a while and what did I see but a couple of nice Bones.....dang, and there I sat with no gear. Next time!

Coach, a big thanks and a promise to book the very next time I'm there. How is the fishing in November/December?