Cowlitz River via 2 Man Pontoon Boat

My buddy and I just bought a used 2-man Pontoon Boat. I've got a 9 weight that I've never caught a fish with :beathead: and we are going to give the Cowlitz a try... any suggestions?

Where should we put in? Take out?

Hazards? Flies? Techniques?


James Mello

Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
Most of the fish are being caught right near blue creek. The most popular float will be the blue creek to mission bar run. As for hazards, it's been pretty mellow on the river. There are some spots that have strainers/sweepers, but anyone relatively dilligent on the sticks can avoid them. Call Trudy for a shuttle if you need one. As for techniques, swinging has been very much unproductive, and nymphing on the go seems to be a might bit better....


Sculpin Enterprises
Blue Creek to Mission is an easy float, as long as you are somewhat paying attention. Generally, you can see any challenges coming at you with plenty of warning. You will have some right angle bends that you need to be on the sticks for and you want to watch the rod tips on some overhanging trees, but it is pretty straightforward. You won't be alone, but you probably knew that. Remember to bring your access decal for the Mission launch.

Good luck,