"Cows kill fish"

Anyone know where I can find this bumper sticker?
Saw it occasionally in Wash state, but now that I live in Montana can't seem to locate one.....for obvious reasons!!!


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I saw some guy wearing a shirt that said "Save a cow, eat a fish" a couple weeks ago. It would have almost been worth the assault charge to give that guy what he deserved.
I have some very strong opinions on this issue....".cows vs fish"..........but for now I'll just pray for rain and cooler weather, otherwise all the streams out here will be closed.

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Cows don't kill fish.

Sloppy ranching and farming- poor husbandry practises- kill fish. Runof from cattle lots, pesticides, manure pits, erosion from overgrazing, and cattle freely roaming up and down river environments kills fish. Many ranchers are changing their ways. Slowly though....


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I know that some people don't think too highly of Ted Turner, but, in his effort to reclaim habitat for "native" (I put quotes here, because the fish in question were not local natives, but a re-introduced native specie) cutthroat populations, he replaced the cows on his mega-ranch with buffalo. Apparently, buffalo behavior doesn't thrash the streams like that of cows. Nonetheless, I suppose that a low cow to river mile ratio (as in a large ranch) would not create the level of impact that a sloppy corporate farm does.
I'm missing something here............Cows don't kill fish, but cattle freely roaming up and down river environments kill fish??????
Being involved in stream restoration, I 'd be interested in knowing where the "many" ranchers are changing their ways. A few are changing and they deserve lots of credit.
I have never heard of, nor seen a cow acually kill a fish. If that statement were true, that would have to be one seriously fast and carnivoristic bovine.

Therefore the bumper sticker stating as much will relegate those who seek improved fish habitat in cattle rearing regions extremists. And nobody takes an extremist seriously.
I saw a cow last year that fell off a cliff into a hole on a SW Washington river and couldn't get out...don't know if he killed any fish on impact though. :7
For anyone who cares about the relationship of cattle to stream degradation here's some info from Paul Koberstein who co-authored THE CLEAN WATER ACT;AN OWNERS MANUAL.

The topic is "The Big Dry".......(cows plus drought equals misery for the rivers in the west)

Thanks for the feedback, guys...maybe I'll market some of those "extremist" bumper stickers.