Pattern Crayfish

The bass I caught on Saturday had this fellow in his stomach:

My wife and I had never eaten fresh bass before- it was really good, and we want to catch more. So I tied up this "fly" tonight:

It could use some refinement, but I think it'll fish.

Hook is a 4x long heavy streamer hook. I tied in a set of metal eyes under the tail so it will fish hook-up, clouser style.
Body is brown/tan speckled thread.
Claws & back are vinyl upholstery cloth.
Legs are olive superfloss.
Melted mono eyes.
Spots were done by coloring red sharpie over silver sharpie.
coated the back and underbelly in softex.

I didn't get the shape quite right (needs to be a bit wider), and the mono eyes are in an odd position, but I don't think it's too bad for a first attempt.

Any good crayfish patterns to share?