Custom made red cedar fly box/organizer NICE!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Luke Filmer, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Mar 12, 2004
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    Beautiful hand crafted fly tying organizer. Holds all your fly-tying tools, feathers, fur & much more!
    This portable fly-fisher's storage box has recently come into my posession & quite honestly is a little too fancy for my needs.
    The gentleman who built it was an excellent carpenter, and a perfectionist!

    The attachments below will show this distinctive box is made from premium western cedar with a rich deep grain and sanded so finely that the dovetail edges fit perfectly and smoothly rounding the edges. Brass hinges close firmly and keep all your tying essentials safely enclosed.
    Opened wide it displays a full assortment of slide out shelves, and compartments to neatly store all your wingburners, hairstackers, and bobbin threaders on one side, and your capes, hackles, and patches all fit easily into slide out shelves above.
    The other half could accomodate your vice & all your floss & thread, along with even more room with 4 built in clear plastic organizers with closeable lids for hooks, completed flies and much more!
    The perfect gift for the flyfisher who seems to have everything, or the perfect solution for a tying bench that seems to always be in disarray:beathead:

    I am asking $150.00 for this classic chest, and I am located in Gig Harbor.

    Length is 13.5"
    Height is 14.5"
    Depth is 13", and it weighs approximately 4-5 lbs.

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