"Custom" 'toon with 10' Maxxons.

Robert- Lots of places to get poly straps and stuff, and on Saturday I'm going to get samples from Seattle Fabrics of the materials that are used in making the drop bags, and catch alls, as well as the straps.

For Ideas:

For materials:

Straps, clamps, rings, etc.:

Straps, cargo netting, Pfifertex:

Jan's pricing is great, and I may still get my straps from her, but I'm going to definately putz around with making my own bags with Pfifertex as I'm quite a cheap bastard, and addicted to DIY as well.
Robert...that is one beefy frame on those SOTAR's. I think that front floor would be fine for standing as it's pretty small and won't stretch much. Also, with the size of those tubes you could really reef the webbing down tight. His looks nice because there's only one wrap at each end. I found it worked better for me to wrap twice to help hold the tautness while I laced the next row. Incidentally, I used those metal orange wood clamps (looks like a big clothespin) at each end to hold my wrap each time around. That Seattle fabrics looks pretty high priced to me. This is where I bought my webbing http://www.rochfordsupply.com/
Would the woven material you made for the dog be strong enough for a floor? I am making an extension to my Scadden frames for a 3rd person and it looks like what I could use for a floor, like the white-water cats use. How did you secure the ends of the webbing?
I take my Lab out on my pontoon a lot. The webbing sounds great for "drip drying", but is there a chance if snagging a toenail getting her in and out? I would consider cutting a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet to fit the platform. I have a metal deck on mine and the carpet gives "Jake" a better grip and warmer perch to ride on.

I like the vest! Jake swims like a fish, but there are always sweepers, rocks and other obstructions to worry about..

Great job on this! Thanks for sharing.
Hi Evan. That webbing is woven pretty darn tight with no gaps. I just went and checked and there's no way I can even push my finger through. I keep her nails pretty short and filed the edges so she doesn't scratch the boat if she tries to climb up. My goal is to teach her only to swim to the back of the boat where I'll lift her up. That vest is a Ruff Wear vest. Way too expensive ($80) but I looked at them all and it's by far the best quality and it fits her really well. Most of the others were too long under her belly and they kept her from sitting comfortably.