Dammit, Janet, I'm going fish'n


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Hey man, we all have to start somewhere. Some, like myself are still starting. Good luck and stick with it. It will pay off.
Hey thanks man. The challenge of it all makes it more interesting...But catching fish is nice to do sometimes. Looking forward to catching some fish on chironomids .. Got the logistics of it down just haven't dialed in to the fish yet. :)


Now you don't expect a long-winded guy like me to post such a short report, now did ya? :)

Destination: Planted fishery at Olalla Lake in Oregon.

As per usual, stopped for breakfast and it was a good one. Turns out, that wasn't the highlight of the day.

We were on the lake by 9:30 or so. I was keen to try one of my experimental patterns so I tied it on. Within minutes I had a trout. Then another. Then another. By this time, Rocky and John finally were on the lake.

John is using our ol' standard for lakes that I mentioned in the Fly Tying Forum: A variegated black and olive WB with a gold bead head.

He starts catching fish. I'm catching trout. John is catching trout. Rocky is starting to bitch because he hasn't had a bite.

This goes on for awhile and finally Rock accepts one of John's WBs and starts hooking up.

It started out cloudy and kind'a coolish but the cloud cover broke and it ended up a beautiful day.

During the course of the day, John and Rock used the variegated olive and black WB and I was successful with two different experimental patterns that just happen to also include the colors olive and black (see below).

A fly club had an outing on the lake but the three of us (my oldest fishing buddies and the ones I started flyfishing with when I was a newbie) and we were the only ones catching trout at a constant rate.

I gave two of the guys one pattern each of what was working and they also started catching trout.

Now for the photos:

You've read about these guys in many of my posts. When I first started fishing with them we were all much slimmer and didn't have any grey hair... times have changed.

John and Rock, screwing around with their flies.



Once Rocky started catching trout, he was on a roll. I wanted some action shots and he happened to be the guy within range:



A blue heron lives at the lake and when an angler catches a fish, it swoops down and tries to steal the trout. This happened while Rock was landing a fish:



I was using a full fast sinking line with a 15 foot f-carbon leader and tippet. John and Rock were using clear intermediate sinking lines.

These are the patterns that were working the best. The one working like magic for me was a WB tied with a variegated olive and black body with an olive tail and olive hackle . Just for the heck of it, I tried an experimental soft hackle (I got the idea from a post in the Fly Tying Forum). The body is olive, the hackle is black and the bead head is black. It also worked when stripped fast.


The three of us haven't fished together for a long time so it was a wonderful trip and just like the ol' days. We harassed each other, made jokes and in general, acted the fools... just like we always have. It was a blast.

Well all caught a ton-o-trout and the weather was great.

It was a good day. A very good day.

Guess I won't be taking up golf afterall.


GAT.. I've been on this forum for about six months and read all your posts and you seem very experienced. The fact that you are having trouble makes me feel better about myself. I just started fishing Stillwater recently and am embarrassingly bad. I try to use all the wisdom on this site but to no avail........Thanks:)
Well of course I don't always catch fish. If I did... that wouldn't be much of a challenge now would it ? :D

Olive B is correct. We all started somewhere and it takes time and experience ... so you'll get there.

I could tell some of the members of the fly club that had the outing at the lake were not very experienced at stillwaters. One of the guys I gave a pattern to was using a floating line... I don't think he had any sinking lines. We convinced him it might be a good idea to add split-shot. Which he did. That and the fact that the pattern I gave him had a bead head helped him get down to the feeding zone so he started catching trout.
Well, so far this year, I'm zip for three on stillwaters. 1 for trout, 2 for warmwater. If I don't catch anything today I'm tossing all my gear in the lake and taking up golf.

If that were the standard I would have been done a long time ago and I'd think about having to take up golf full time, it's even more cruel of a sport.
I've been patiently watching the weather and water levels, and they seem to have reached an optimum alignment last Thursday (3200 cfs--65 predicted for Avery.
Went up on the St. Joe with intentions of floating the lower river. It was so nice when we reached the put in, we decided to run up the river and take a look.
Went up above Avery to one of our favorite runs and saw a few fish rising (11 am). I caught to nice fish on a Chernoble. Around 12 BWO started coming off and we were hitting rising fish for the next 4 hours. Had to change sizes and stages until we hit on an 18 emerger.
Fish were not hitting hard and it was the first running water fishing of the season, so it took a little bit to get back into the strike timing.
My partner was fishing a sculpin pattern on his switch rod until he got tired of watching me catch fish.
The hatch ended about 4 and we headed down river and caught a few more.
I ended up with about 20 for the day, largest approx 14".
Best day on the St. Joe this year.
Well, so far this year, I'm zip for three on stillwaters. 1 for trout, 2 for warmwater. If I don't catch anything today I'm tossing all my gear in the lake and taking up golf.

We use small pontoon boats, Super Cats, for the majority of our stillwater excursions. What a difference it makes when it comes to gathering all the crap required for stillwaters vs rivers.

When river fishing, I'd grab my gear bag and my rod and would be out the door.

Not so for stillwaters. The pontoon boat. The flippers. The onboard cooler. The fish/depth finder. The camera. ... lots of crap and some of it is heavy.

So, win, lose or draw, I'll make a report. I could end up asking what the best golf clubs I should buy.
Hey it might be a pay off to start golfing especially if you have bass setup join a club get access to their ponds those ponds on those club golf courses have some nice bass in them


Geez, guys, the golf comment was a joke! :D (for awhile, I was kind'a into golf but decided I liked flyfishing better)

The fishing trip was one of the best I've been on in a long time... and it wasn't due to the trout. Fishing again with Rocky and John brought back memories of my entire life as a fly angler. The three of us would go fishing somewhere for something the year around. If you could catch it with fly gear, we'd chase it.

Trout, steelhead, salmon, SRC, shad, bass, dorado, sea bass ... you name it. Many of my articles included photos of Rock and/or John. We started a weekly fly tying night and that went on for over 20 years. I dedicated my cartoon book to those who attended the fly tying sessions. The three of us were some of the founders of the local fly club. We lived, drank and existed together in the world of flyfishing.

They were instrumental in me becoming a flyfishing writer and cartoonist (I got a lot of cartoon ideas whiles fishing with those guys). Rocky was our bug guy and at one point could have gone into Entomology instead of Microbiology as he did. All I know about aquatic insects I learned from Rock.

I have hundreds of photos that include Rocky and John. The two of them were my "hero shot models". They know the shots I want... the set up... when to pick up the fish and how to hold it. They are as much a part of flyfishing to me as is my rod and reel. We all grew old while flyfishing.

Over time, we disbanded the fly tying night and age and other interests started reducing the fishing trips we made together. After many decades, the three of us may only fish together a few times a year... if that.

So it was a special day for me. One that may not be repeated for a very long time.


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...and then a jump to the right...:D

Gene, Thanks for the report, the flashbacks, and the patterns. Good Man...keep your man card now...


I can't help it.... it's part of the song... :D

What a weird-ass movie... and probably the reason I like it. I listen to the songs on Pandora at work. The techs can't relate.

"Put your hands on your hips and your knees in tight" "Let's do the time warp again."