Dave Scadden Pontoon Boats

I saw these boats at the show this past weekend and was wondering if anyone had any experiences or opinions about them?

They seemed to be a quality boat at a reasonable price.

I bought a Scadden 8' last year. That was the same as an Outcast (made in China). It has been an OK boat but is nothing special. However, now their boats are all made in the US. All except the 8' have welded seams and a life time warranty. I should have waited a year as the new boats look pretty good for the money.



Just Another Bubba
Badger has it pretty good. The new boats look great and taking the manufacturing back onshore assures a level of detail that the Chinese boats (which I own one of-not a scadden) just can't touch. If they're in your price range then you won't be sorry. I've also heard of good deals being had at the shows.

Have fun
Really nice looking boats... Particularly the smaller Madison boat!
Candy Apple Red frames and Bladderless pontoons.... very cool.
But I am not particularly fond of the whole standing casting platform setup. (Looks dangerous.)
I heard from a friend that they where selling the Madison version for about $1000 with all the bells and whistles.
I got an expedition XLS 9' from the show last year. Overall I've been pretty happy with it. It came with all the bells and whistles, which has been nice. So far I haven't needed to test the lifetime warrantee.

I hear the new boats are pretty snazzy. Although Dave Scadden drove a well established Fly shop (3 to be exact) into the ground back in Utah. Hopefully his boat endevours fair better. They are nice boats at reasonable price, I just hope they are around for any warranty concerns.