Davis Lake


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Opened the second half of the lake fishing season at Davis Lake.

For a lake with lots of potential it just never seems to quite get there. Caught about 25 fish a three hours. Most were small about eight inches. Could have been the cool summer slowed the growth rate of the spring plant. The carryovers were pushing 14 inches and looked really healthy but 14 inches is small for a carryover.

They were full of dragonfly nymphs. A Camas Damsel beadhead did the trick. After cleaning the fish I suspect the fish were taking the beadhead thinking it was the dragonfly eyes.
Fishing was slow with the other flies.

Water temperature was 65 degrees. So there is still some time before the temperatures in the lakes drop to good fishing temperature. Suppose to be warm and sunny this week. Hopefully is will start cooling down soon.