Deception Pass Beachfishing


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I've heard that the deception pass area on the north tip or whidbey island is a good spot to fish for salmon this time of year. Is this true, and if so, what tide and what rig (rod, line, fly) should be used? I am planning on heading out there so if anybody knows anything I would appreciate a response. Thanks


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Sorry, took a while to answer this thread but better late than never.....6-7-8 wt. intermmediate sink tip, clouser type or other bait fish type patterns. Like to stick to pink/blue/green color flies myself. Brown leeches are good sometimes too, prefer the gold cone headed - auburn reddish-brown color. Bring a stripping basket. Good Luck in 2017!!


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Ironic that post was from 2001, arguably one of the best beach coho years ever. Both the state salt and freshwater coho records fell in 2001.

Perhaps a better question, how does someone who joined in 2004 post in 2001? ;)