Deerfield Massachusetts Tailwater 1/3/06

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
Just got back from the Deerfield out in western massachusetts. Very cold had to clear the guides of ice about every three casts. Not an easy feat when I'm 5'8" and my rod is 10". Well anyway didn't catch anything so I guess that is payback for shoving so much fish porn in you guys' face last week with my North Carolina trip. Did have a good time though and got to let a little line loose.
At lest you have the time to get out there , i havnt really fished in awhile bawling: :(, but its still awsome to get out and away from all the real world and stuff even if you dont catch anything :thumb:. Sure looks like a winter wonderland there, nice pics.


John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
IBN it was hovering around 26-28 degrees all day. I lasted about 4 hours and had to give it up. Too much ice on the guides.


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Did you fish near Charlemont/Mohawk area? When I was out in Mass over the Turkey week I hit the Westfield and Swift. Caught a nice landlocked Atlantic on the Swift but nothing on the Westfield. I am heading out there this March again and will hit the Deerfield and Housatonic and some smaller streams.
Tight lines,

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
Mike, in march the Hous might be a bit high, I'ld stick with the tailwaters like the swift and Deerfield.
I fished the Deerfield a couple falls ago, and it was a frustrating experience at the time.

I had heard excellent reports, but a day on the water turned up nothing for me, as they were releasing tons of water from the dam. Mid-way through the day I fell, filling up my waders with water, greatly limiting the fun-factor.

I finally hooked a fish - a big fish - in the afternoon on a sinktip and wooley bugger, only to lose him when I reached for my camera. :beathead: Kiss.of.death.

I went back at the crack of dawn the next morning, and looked up river to see fish rising everywhere. I was elated. I strung up and made my first cast, when I noticed the water rising. By the time it had risen a few inches, the fish were shut down, and within a half hour, the water was up a foot or more, and fishing was no bueno rest of day. I don't think I ever got a rise to my fly.

Nevertheless, I got to enjoy New England in the fall, which is as beautiful as people say it is, and got to do so on a trout stream, so it couldn't have been all bad...

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
Very true. the flows especially in the summer are very unpredictable. I think the dam has a contract with the local white water outfits and they release on a very regular schedule. then the water is flowing it can be some pretty tough fishing.