Deschutes Steelhead

I have only fished it for steelhead recently and the majority of them are still below Macs. There was a lot of small caddis throughout the day.

Paul Huffman

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I tried it from Pine Tree to Beavertail yesterday and got nothing, so I too would like to believe most of the fish are below Mack's. It did get kind of green midday however.
i fished upriver last week but i dont think the steelhead can make it up to where i was. I remember something about a impass waterfall, so make sure u check a map. lots of nice cutts though.

James Mello

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Macks canyon is a well known access point on the Oregon D... As far as I know there isn't really a well known or named hole on the little D in oly... It's a nice river, and there are the occasional steelie in it, but.....
Apologies for the lack of clarity... I was referring to the deschutes in oregon. Thanks for the report Paul. I understand decent numbers are beginning to move above shearer's falls, and I think it is time to target them below Maupin. I would prefer to fish sw washington, but keep hearing that the cowlitz is slow, and the coho and steelhead on the kalama are lockjawed from pressure. Anyone doing well on the EF Lewis or elsewhere? I'll file a report after I return.
Regarding the EF Lewis:

I'd defer to whatever Steelie Mike says if he feels like chiming in- but I don't consider hitting the EF Lewis for summers/early winters until the guage gets clear of 200 cfs and stays there for a few days. We're going to need quite a bit of rain before that happens.

We're about 2-3 weeks away from silvers hitting the Kalama and it can be a blast sight fishing for steelies, coho and chinook all holding within feet of eachother.
Anyone doing well on the EF Lewis or elsewhere?
The EFL was running at 50 CFS before this last freshet bumped it up to a raging 100 CFS - too low and too warm for me to fish it. There are lot of silvers in the NFL but the jet boats are annoying. I'm hitting the Kalama tonight so we'll see about the lock jaw! Good luck on the Deschutes.

Will Atlas

I was on the D all last week. The only way to describe the fishing was tough. Last year at this time a friend hooked 7 fish in one run, this year I hooked 2 fish over four days. We started up above Macks but the fishing was SOOO poor that we had to look elsewhere and ended up fishing the lower river for a couple days. Ended up landing a couple fish between us, but it was not easy. It was really hot for a few days there, so the fish were pretty dour and the puke coming out of the white river didnt help much. That being said, a friend stayed a few days after us and said the color had improved and that fish were being caught.


Ryan Buccola

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I fished the lower D last weekend, it was tough. Sunday afternoon the action happened when the clouds came it and it started to rain. Can't think of a more beautiful place to get skunked!