Determining Land Ownership/Access


Erich with an H -Top Water Soldier-
Anybody have a good mapping tool they use to determine the ownership of washington state lands?

I've got a spot I'm looking at for deer hunting this year, and while I've used the 'GoHunt' map at WDFW to determine the BLM zones a large portion near where I'd like to go is not shaded. It also does not have any man made features visible on the map. I've been in this area personally before, and there are fences but they are not maintained at all.

Just wondering if anyone can help me sort this out, I would hate to be ticketed for tresspass, or loose a good buck due to a property rights issue. Thanks


Erich with an H -Top Water Soldier-
those maps kinda already show what I know, namely what is BLM and what is not. I guess what I should be asking is how to determine the accessibility (legally) of LARGE undeveloped and undeclared (government agency wise) tracts of land.

I'll play around with county stuff, but I don't really know an adress, (or if there is one) since there are no roads through the area I'm interested in.

Any other help/suggestions appreciated...I wish google earth or MSNLiveMaps had a few more features!
I was going to say check with the county also. You may have to go down to the assessor's office.
The other is to ask the dumb ? at the house at the end of the road or other roads that lead to that property. You might be surprised at what you find out be asking the locals, besides being told to ---- off.


Erich with an H -Top Water Soldier-
Those Quad maps are a bit more what I'm thinking about. Do you have personal experience with them? The sample looks like it does share a lot of info, however if you have experience with them what kind, if any, info do they share about land not held by the state or fed?

Let me see if I can explain the specific situation I'm looking at; I want to hunt on one side of a main canyon, the bottom and the opposite side of which is BLM, with a couple of WDFW zones scattered in. The area I want to hunt is a branch canyon with no state/fed designation, but above it (on top of the surrounding mesa) to the north is farm land, some of which is walk-in hunt ok. This unlisted branch canyon is about 2 miles long, and the southside (where I'd like to be) does not have farming on its mesa, it does however have very old, unmaintained fence line for cattle range land.

So, hope that helps a bit with what I'm trying to figure out. I think I'll order a couple of the Quads, but still not sure about everything. Maybe I need a list of range leases?
Gary hit the nail on the head. Just ask. If there is maintained farmland nearby, ask the farmer. He probably owns it or at least knows who does/did. If the guy allows walk in hunting he can't be all that bad of a guy. Out of a few dozen times in that situation, I've been told to f-off once and ended up getting to hunt there anyway by offering to let the guy borrow a couple of my dogs to clear out some rabbits. The farmer, his two boys and myself all got our bag limits in about 2 hours. Talk about some ringin ears and tired dogs. I got a big whitetail out of it as well. Also, offering the choice cut of meat is common courtesy if your hunting on private property. :beer2: