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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by IveofIone, Aug 5, 2007.

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    Are you assuming there are no professionals here? (then you are quite wrong). Been doing freelance since 1962. Don't even ask how much money I've spent on gear, to be quite honest I wouldn't know either since the old brain hangs sometimes. Anyway my .02 and I'd second canon

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    Another noob question......Since it is a 200 mile round trip to the nearest camera store on $3.25 gas I'll just ask here to see what is meant by a 'high quality' memory disc. Are they referring to high capacity ie. 1-2 gigs or is there an actual difference in the quality of the media disc out there? I intend to get a 2 gig SD model but is there one that is clearly superior to the others? I see 2 gig models anywhere from 9$ to $42 and wonder what I should be shopping for.

    I hope to order later this week and am getting pumped about my first digital camera. Just as I was typing this a flock of turkeys was feeding right under the window where I sit. If I had the camera I could of taken a real closeup of their beady little eyes! And soon I hope to be sending pictures of spectacular fall colors to my less fortunate relatives that live in foliage challenged areas.

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    I would personally go with Lexar or Sandisk (Sandisk is my preference), though it seems that a lot of people use Kingston as well. I shoot mostly CF cards (and one SD card), and I've just never had a Sandisk card corrupt on me (can't say the same about lexar ;-). These things are solid-state devices...if they're made correctly they they should always work correctly, etc. So I'm not sure how the quailty factors in here, but I will say you don't want a card corrupting!

    Another thing that you pay for in a card is the "speed" of it--how fast it can read and write. Compacts can't write that fast, so it's not usually a big a deal for them (you don't need to buy the fastest card made, IOW). The gist is that you don't want your camera waiting on your card, you want it the other way around. Likewise, if you're transfering over a USB 2 or Firewire port, which can handle roughly 35-40 MB a second, a card that can only read at 10 MB is obviously going to be the bottleneck.

    You'll notice that sandisk has several series of cards, with each one having faster read and write speeds. (The extremem series migh be a little "tougher," made to take more physical abuse, but I don't know that for a fact.) I think right now Sandisk makes the Sandisk series, the Ultra-II, the Extreme III, IV, and IV LE. Maybe they still make the Extreme II. Anyway, I'd recommend the Ultra-II. It's got a roughly 10 MB read/write speed which is probably about as fast as your camera's going to be able to write. A high-speed reader (USB 2.0 or Firewire) would be able to read considerably faster than that, but that's waiting _after_ the shooting, not while you're trying to shoot.

    I recommend an external card reader. It's not necessary...but: 1) saves camera battery life considerably 2) keeps internal heat generation in the camera to a minimum 3) usually much faster than reading images from the camera. Some cameras don't even ship with USB 2.0, and most don't utililze it even when they're compatible (they'll work w/ 2.0, but they're not necessarily using 2.0 speeds!). I've had good luck with sandisk readers too.

    Sandisk has a new series of cards out with a built-in USB jack (called the + series), but I've no idea how well they do or don't work.

    I really don't work for sandisk. :D I've just had very good luck with their products. And to be honest my Lexar problems have been minimal. But for similar pricing, I'll take "no problems" over "minimal" any time....
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    Ive - Save yourself the trip. I've purchased 3 cameras on-line from Adorama and BHPhoto in the last 3 years. They're safe and will have a better price than even the box store. And it will arrive in less than a week with regular UPS.
    Oops, I guess the point of this discussion is that you need to fondle this item pre-purchase to decide which one you meld with best.
    Carry on.
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    For what it's worth, Fuji should be mentioned in the "name brands" category for exactly this reason ... they have the least noisy ISO performance due to the design of their sensors.

    This is important any time you have strong contrast across the image, e.g., sun highlights and areas in shade.
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    just purchased a nice Canon Powershot A550 a couple of weeks ago and love it. Got it with a case, small tripod, 1GB card, batteries and charger. $160 to my house in 3 days.

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