Digital Photo Storage?


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I've accumulated a lot of digital photos, both fishing and non fishing related over the years.
After downloading them, I've been storing them on my hard drive as well as backing them up on an external HD. Some of the older ones I've burned on to CD's or moved them to my photobucket account.

Is there a better way to manage a large number of photos?
I not a genius when it comes to computers and different programs and softwares. I'd like to hear some ideas on how others are managing their digital images.
Thanks for your input.
seems like external hardrives + offsite networked storage (some big mega server somewhere) would be the most secure. i just use CD's and an external HDD.


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I've got multiple hard drives that I rotate in/out keeping the unused one in the firesafe. Every so often I store one offsite. I should probably look into one of those online backup places as well.

Maybe overkill for some people, but photos mean the world to me.

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On a cost per megabyte basis, external hard drives are the most efficient storage currently available.

For example, I bought a 1tb LaCie drive last summer for just under $275. It's a single big hard drive instead of a RAID arrangement made up of several smaller drives that add up to a tb. That way I can partition it any way I like to use as both backup for my 2 internal drives as well as for archiving files I no longer need on an ongoing basis. Things have changed a lot in the past year. I saw a Fry's ad in the Seattle Times the other day offering a 2tb RAID 0 or 1 external for less than I paid for the LaCie last summer.

But besides cost, there's also the hassle factor to consider.

Back before drives got so cheap, I burned archive files first on CDs and later DVDs. I've still got about 50 CDs and DVDs of old data that I keep in a fireproof safe. But finding a file from them is a laborious process. Even though I've cataloged each disk, I've still got to use the cataloging software to find the right file (or what I think is the right file!) and then find the right CD or DVD before I can extract it. If it turns out to be the wrong file, then I have to repeat the process until I find the correct file. Keeping archived files on an external drive is a lot easier.

I've got so many files to deal with that I don't even think about using online storage solutions. I do an incremental backup to a hard drive every day or two. Sometimes the new or changed files for just one partition (and I use 4 regularly) can be over a gb. Waiting for that many large files to upload to online storage would be a serious time waster for me.


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i actually print them out and put them in a photo album... it feels incomplete just leaving them on a disk or in a hard drive, kind of like taking a duece and not flushing. but thats just me.


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Good topic,

so storage seems become much cheaper now. How about "finding" the specific photo you need in the database? Are there any search function go with... storage software?

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Why don't you just buy a couple of Flash Drives. They're relatively inexpensive and can hold up to 32 Gigs. That's thousands of high def photos. You can add new photos without disturbing the old ones plus, they're small and very easy to store. They also upload and download much faster than a Disc and the your photos are easier to view from the drive.