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I used to use the Spratley Nymph a LOT when I used to live in Alberta`s Jasper National Park

I tied up a few this year to fish some of the local lakes around Kamloops , did well with them .



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I've always used them with a profile much more like the nymph photo above. Good fly for the Ringold area of the Columbia this time of year. Have you had much success with the thin profile?
One of the great patterns. Chironomid, dragonfly nymph, or minnow. I usually tie them on a bit shorter shank hook but with a longer throat. Nice ones, Norm. All colors OK. I believe the original was black wool.

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Great history link Daryle.
As with any pattern we are free to interpret but if your goal is historical accuracy we need to do our homework.



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used to be,, on many of the BC lakes (hathueme before the freeway) as well as Pass and Chopaka, ect that a Doc and a SixPac in a cpl sizes were all you needed.