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Has anyone fished this pattern a lot. Doc was my great-grandfather. I figured out where I inherited this damn crazy fly-fisherman's syndrome from.
Anyway, I have caught a few trout with this pattern in lakes, but was wondering what some good river/steelhead techniques are for it. I have heard just about anything goes (swinging it, grease-lining it, stripping it like a streamer, dead drifting it on top or under indicator) but want to figure out what the most effective way is that people around here have tried. It would be a nice tribute to him if I could make it my go-to fly, but I dont even know where to start with it.:dunno

Thanks for the input guys, happy holidays

I used to tie them for shops all around Seattle. I love that fly. I don't know about steelhead but it works great for every trout environment. The best luck has been trolling it in lakes.
I love this fly. It has been in my box since I starting fly fishing. I have found the best use in lakes, but have moved to it for Fall steelheading, grease-line style.

Check of the Fall 2002 write up about you great grandfather at the following link. It summurizes my experiences with the pattern very well.

Terry D.
Art Lingren, British Columbia writer and fishing historian uses the Doctor Spratley a lot. He has several variations for steelhead in standard, low water and Spey versions. Several of these variations appear in Lingren's Thompson River Journal.
The Spratley is also an excellent trout fly used in BC lakes. It was originally thought to be a chironomid imitation I bellieve.
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Workin in a sweet mullet
thanks guys, I have only caught fihs in lakes with it, but now I will start grease-lining it. See you out on the river


Rich McCauley

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I have used Doc Spratleys for BC Steelhead. I found that lightly dressed number 4's are an excellent follow up fly. Bulkley river fish will often chase, but not take a dry when the water is below about 43F. The traditional wet fly swing on a floater seems to do the trick if anything will. Steelhead being what they are one never knows what might happen.
Rich McCauley
I have had good luck with the fly in the Yakima River in the past.I don't know why,but I have not used it in a long time.I still have a bunch in my fly boxes in trout and Steelhead sizes.
I have had very good luck on this pattern for steelhead fished grease line ,and as a riffle hitched fly! Works well as a follow up fly, also. To me it is a NW classic !:)