Does anyone remember Kunnan rods?


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I still have a Kunnan noodle rod from around 1990. Caught my first great lakes steelhead with it, but moved on to FF shortly thereafter.


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Still have a spin-caster and a bait-caster hanging the garage. The bait-caster was my go to plugging rod way back in my catch, fillet and smoke'em days. The spin-caster was my father's which I just keep for the memories. They were (are0 great rods for the price.
My name is Mark, and i have a great liking to get another Kunnan rod for fishing trout salmon mostly shore fishing,light line fishing something long 8-12 feet noodle rod type thin shaft and sensitive . I have a 7 foot and love the rod over any that i own,very sensitive for the soft biters like perch ,I know they no longer make them ,but they have a few still out there and hoping someone may want to part with one at a reasonable price.If so email me at [email protected]

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You sure? Wonder if its a majorly old stock sitting on the shelf? I know when they stopped making fishing rods (a fire I believe) they still had their golf shaft division still operating.

I still have several Kunnans. 2 of the noodle rods being sought after (were my Dads doubt I'd sell them). Have a bigger 3 piece 12'. Looks like a heavy pinning rod. Small eyes like a pin/baitcaster.
I own a Kunnnan 5/6 wt 8'6" fly rod that I purchased about 4 years ago, this little fly rod casts very accuratly and is fun to fish with, because it is so easy to use, these guys still make fishing rods but only one fly rod the model KIM7-862F-56, these guys are not cheap just very inexpensive. I have used mine alot and it has held up very well, still looks new, this rod looks alot more expensive than it actually is, it is a two piece rod with full wells handle and nice reel seat with a cherry wood insert. When I purchased this fly rod I did so to replace a rod that had broken and the only fly rod the store carried at the time, but after I took it fishing I realised what a bargan this rod truly is...
they still make them,maybe not a noodle type rod but a good rod, I just purchased an 8'6" Kunnan medium action 8-17lb line weight bait caster this spring, it is a good looking rod dark green finish with cork handles and it is sensitive and light weight, I really like mine.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Hmmmmm, they must literally put them back into production. I know they've been making golfshafts for years, and since they were making broom handles, they were making some deep sea rods. I loved thier old brown blanks. Those were the best (spiraltech) rods, especially for the money. Had thier 8'6" 8-12# spiraltech and that baby landed alot of fish until I finally got rid of it when it hit it's service life.
the same thing just happened to me, behind my freezer in my garage i found a dirty tube in it was a Kunnan backpacking rod that i purchased from REI in the 80's and may have used twice. it is a 74775 7'6" 4-5 wt rod 4 piece and it only cost 39.75 the sticker is still on the tube. in searching the web i found this thread.
Had the good fortune to find a 9 foot mooching type of salmon steelhead casting rod this week at a thrift store. It is labeled as follows:
Kunnan Graphite Northriver, N7690XH 9' 0", 274cm, x.hvy. 15-30 Lb LINE. I've found good condition gear in thrift stores before but this is one of those exceptional finds. It appears never to have been used. Butt shows no abrasions. The cork handle is slightly longer than the usual steelhead/salmon rods I've seen. The fit and finish is really great. It does have the Fuji style reel keeper. By the way, paid $6.99.
I am a huge fan of Kunnan. I own 3 rods that were bought in the late 70's . A spinning, bait and fly. The original rods were not brown. The brown rods were the Taiwan rods. The green rods are the original and the better of the two. They were a big deal on the east coast. There factory was in South Carolina. This is where the fire was. If you can find a green rod in good condition, buy it. You won't be disappointed.